Outboard Motor

Initial Outboard Tune Up

When I purchages Outlier she had a 2011 Tohatsu 6hp outboard motor. It took me some time to get used to running the outboard, which after I learned to open the air vent in the fuel tank (see Squall on Lake Martin) After running her with that motor for a year, I decided a tune up would be a good idea. I wanted to do it myself, to save money, and, well, that is one of the reasons I got into sailing, as an opportunity for many DIY projects.


Item_No Order_Details Quantity Price
312722010 SAFETY ROPE (Tohatsu) 1 2.85
332600061 GASKET (10 MULTIPLE) (Tohatsu) 2 1.70
369022301 FUEL FILTER (Tohatsu) 12.12 1 12.12
369650110 LINER, WATER PUMP CASE (Tohatsu) 1 5.27
369650181 GASKET, WATER PUMP CASE (Tohatsu) 1 1.83
369650211 IMPELLER NS3.5B/NS5B/4-6HP 4STR (Tohatsu) 1 19.28
369650220 KEY (Tohatsu) 1 1.49
369650250 GUIDE PLATE (Tohatsu) 1 2.89
369650290 GASKET, PUMP GUIDE PLATE (Tohatsu) 1 1.85
3H6074060 WASHER (Tohatsu) 1 1.30
3H6602180 ANODE, ZINC (SQUARE) (Tohatsu) 1 5.51
9515030318 SPLIT PIN (10 MULTIPLE) (Tohatsu) 1 0.95

So with shipping and handling being $9.95 and tax at $5.13, that brought the total to $72.12. Note that in this order I purchased a spare pull cord to keep as a backup, so the total for the tune up is about three dollars less. Also, a couple of the parts I ordered have multiple items, so will likely not have to purchas again for the next several tune ups.