Gunkhole Seamanship

Gunkhole seamanship is a term I created to describe the type of sailing I do.

These characteristics often require specialized techniques that are not discussed in much of the traditional sailing literature. Most books on seamanship related sailing focus on boat th

“To be forehanded is to be cautious and even pessimistic. A forehanded sailor looks ahead, anticipates the worst, and prepares for it by, among other things, setting and observing standard operating procedures.”
- John Rousmanere1

The title of this section is much more of an aspiration than assertion. The goal of this section is to document my journey to try to become a good sailor.

The initial purpose of the whole site is as a repository for the information to document what I have done to become a sailor, and to help me plan future projects and adventures. I hope it might also be helpful to others.


  1. Rousmaniere, J. (1999). The Annapolis Book of Seamanship: Completely Revised, Expanded and Updated. Simon and Schuster.↩︎